Life surrounds us

Red Admiral butterfly on a grassy path.On the Green Day, it was great to have so many visitors in the church meadow focusing on nature and what we can do to help to protect it.

From 14 July to 6 August, the Big Butterfly Count is asking people to stop for 15 minutes and record the butterflies and moths that they see.

Record your findings at to build data on where the butterfly and moth populations are this summer.

Jesus often talked about animals to make a point. He said “look at the birds: they do not sow seed nor gather a harvest into barns. God looks after them.” Matthew 6 v 26 Big spider on a kitchen floor with a foot for scale. The  spider's body is the same size as the big toe.

Stop, listen and look at nature this week and maybe trust God to help you.

I didn’t need to leave the kitchen to spot this one!