Quiet Garden at Cores End

Flowers from within our grounds.

Cores End Church Meeting agreed in September 2021 to affiliate to the Quiet Garden Movement and encourage use of the beautiful church grounds as a Quiet Garden for whoever is seeking a place of peace and reflection.  These grounds include:

  • The ‘Link up Garden’ (beside the church car park which has raised beds and seating developed by members of the Link up group
  • The main churchyard, a peaceful place to remember those who have gone before us.
  • The Nature area and meadow (through the far gate in the churchyard).

The grounds are open to anyone who wants to come and experience a place of peace and reflection.  Our seats around the grounds also provide points to ‘stop and stare.’  People of all faiths and none are welcome.  Our grounds are now listed in the Quiet Garden  on-line directory and has its own page on our website at: https://quietgarden.org/gardens/cores-end-urc-quiet-garden/

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