The Easter Question?

Wikipedia says “Virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed historically.”

Who do you think Jesus was? A real person, a preacher, politician, revolutionary, healer, philosopher or cult leader? Was he good, kind, dangerous, evil, weak, innocent or divine?

On Good Friday, there will be a short service of reflection on the dark events and emotions of Jesus’ death. 7 April 11:30am for 45 minutes.

The Easter Sunday morning service will celebrate the joy of new life. Jesus’ resurrection is represented by eggs, bunnies and the greening of the cross but means so much more. 9 April 10:30am for 60 minutes.Heart and Cross

You are welcome to join us at the services and at anytime, do have a look at the Easter Prayer Stations around the church grounds – the cross at the front of church, the churchyard and the two gardens. 

This Easter, Jesus asks the question, who am I to you?